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Contracting? Great idea for making some extra bucks!

Yet have you thought of its Tax, Vat, accounting & Legal implications?

How in the long run you may end up into a land of unknowns, in terms of potential change in company circumstances or HMRC approach.

While reaping its short term fruits it pays to make sure that you have your eyes on the whole picture ensuring no HMRC regulation or employment law is breached, eventually ending up in a rather awkward or worse off situation.

Typically you may consider:

I can save some money. It’s seems pretty straight forward. Why I should hire a specialist accountant
Which working platform should I use, Limited company, Sole Trader or an Umbrella Company?
How do I maximise my take-home earnings?
At present my turnover is below threshold, is it still obligatory to get vat register?
Which expenses can I claim vat on?
What’s would the optimal salary-dividend combination for me?
Which vat scheme would be suitable for me, Flat rate or standard?
Would adding a second contractor push my company profits in to higher corporation tax band?
What affect would it have if I am already running an associated company?

At Accounttax we specialise in advising it contractors and freelancers on long list of choices to make and pitfalls to avoid. We evaluate each client’s unique circumstances and come up best possible scenario giving it a best possible chance of success from the start. From the out-set we will provide you with a road map to help you make all the right business decisions ensuring that you stay on top of all the issues, while fully compliant with all related legislations and regulatory deadlines.

By taking the stress out of dealing with all the compliance issues at very competitive fixed fees we ensure that you get on with all your energy the stuff you are best at….”Contracting”.

How we can help

  • Provide out-right forward looking approach.
  • Profit maximisation/Take home pay planning.
  • Choose suitable trading platform, Company or self-employed.
  • Fixed fee agreed in advance.
  • Unlimited telephone support and face to face meetings.
  • Direct communication with HMRC and companies house on your behalf.
  • Regular technical updates/news letters on any relevant changes.
Find at more about: Our Fees and Packages

Accounttax accountants will sit with you and spend quality time developing an understanding of your customer’s business. Our accountants in Windsor know exactly what it takes to handle your finances and keep you fully up to date with any relevant legislative changes. We will ensure you are claiming the relevant expenses and paying the lowest tax amount as possible.

We find, many of our contractors providing their services using a limited company. We focus on supporting you in three main type of taxes, like corporation, dividend and national insurance.

There are several complex issues involving taxation and collection. We are extremely proud of the ongoing support and advice we provide. We will advise and work within the ever changing regulations, keep your books and tax returns according to the regulatory authority and remain updated with the latest financial amendments in your interest.

Ensuring compliance with IR35, we will provide you with a profit focused plan that will set out your goals and targets helping you on the way to becoming more profitable and successful.

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